“My daughter’s experience at Journey Montessori Academy has been nothing short of amazing! She has grown so much both academically and emotionally, and her confidence has skyrocketed. The program and staff at Journey have stimulated her curiosity, helped her blossom socially, and cultivated in her a true love of learning. Her transition from a more “traditional” preschool to setting to the one at Journey has been incredible to watch, and I love the fact that she can’t wait to go to school every day! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Journey, and I would highly recommend the school to anyone with preschool aged children. ” ~Kim Engel Hughes


“At Journey Montessori Academy our son has a marvelous time all day with his friends without realizing that he is engaged in research proven learning activities. He doesn’t understand that even the smallest details of his beautiful surroundings have a research driven educational purpose. He certainly doesn’t know how thrilled his parents are to have such loving, nurturing, passionate, professional educators assisting him each day. What he does know is that school is a fun, safe, interesting and joyous place to be.

We wouldn’t send our children anywhere else.” ~Jennifer Moore



“As an educator and parent myself it was important for me to find a school where my child was taught by a trained professional. I wanted her to be actively engaged in a hands-on, self-directed learning program that was catered to her unique learning style and academic level. I found this at Journey. The teachers there are extremely well schooled in the Montessori method as well as early childhood development. Most importantly they are exceptionally nurturing and love my daughter as if she were their own child. In my opinion there is no other choice for my daughter’s preschool experience.” ~Heather Collins